Q: How long should I expect to have equipment in my home?
A: Average length of time is 3 to 4 days but every situation and property is different.

Q: What happens if the dehumidifier red light comes on ?
A: The filter needs to be changed out. Please let your technician know that this has happened and we will change out the filter.

Q: Is it normal for the equipment to be so loud?
A: Yes, this is normal.

Q: What happens if it gets too hot in my home?
A: ADS suggests turning down the air once the equipment is placed in your home, it is normal for the equipment to cause the property temperature to rise.

Q: What happens if I have a question?
A: Please call 888-898-0699 24/7

Q: If I receive a check, where should I send it to?
A: 4509 N. Nebraska Ave, Tampa FL 33603

Call our toll free number, 888-898-0699 or email us at Claims@adsdry.com and your dry out will be scheduled immediately. We will provide 24 hour detailed status reports and accurate Xactimate and Symbility invoicing and estimates.


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